Director, BARC – A. N. Prasad

Dr. A. N. Prasad, is a distinguished nuclear scientist and an international authority on the issue of Safeguards. He earned his Masters degrees in nuclear power engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, did his advanced nuclear science and technology from Bombay and nuclear chemical engineering from Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology, USA.  He played a key role in the setting up of India’s first fuel reprocessing plant at Trombay in 1964 to separate plutonium. With this, India became only the fifth country in the world to develop this technology, the others being USA, the then USSR, the UK and France. During his long tenure in the nuclear establishment he continued to work on high technology areas of relevance to the nuclear fuel cycle, particularly specializing in what is called the ‘back end of the fuel cycle’. He was also chairman of the safeguards committee of the Department of Atomic Energy for a number of years. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the development of nuclear technology in India, he was appointed director of BARC and member, Indian Atomic Energy Commission, in May 1993.

Director BARC (1993 – 1996)

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