Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Ans. Welfare Association for Leading and Encouraging Atomic Department Employees to a Responsive Society (LEADERS) was formed primarily to organise, the members (present staff and ex-staff) of DAE units throughout the country, under a common bond of fellowship and foster among them a spirit of co-operation.

This way, it provide a common central platform, for sharing information. It gives us an opportunity to share the failures and successes of our fellow colleagues serving in different parts of the country.

There are many organisations of DAE, especially in remote locations, which do not have its own associations and therefore, the staff serving their is deprived of access to many facilities including proper grievance redressal system.

Q.2. What gives us the right to form such Association?

Ans. Article 19 (1) (c) of the Constitution of India 1949 gives, to the citizens of India, a right as a Fundamental Right, to form associations or unions. (

Q.3. What is the difference between “Welfare Association” and “Service Association“?

Ans. Any non-profit Association formed with the purpose of carrying out welfare activities for its members is known as Welfare Association. A welfare association can be registered under: (1) The Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860; (2) The Indian Trusts Act, 1882; (3) The Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (earlier it was Section 25 of the Companies Act).

Any welfare association that is: (1) registered under The Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926 (primarily in case of industrial units, but is not restricted to them only); or (2) recognised under Central Civil Services (Recognition of Service Association) Rules, 1993; is termed as “Service Association“. Both these registration and recognition grant certain rights and privileges to the Associations, when negotiating with the employers.

Q.4. Why then LEADERS is formed as welfare association and not as service association?

Ans. A service association does have certain rights and privileges, but at the same time they are also restricted in many ways. Welfare associations are free to do anything within the framework of registered bye-laws, provided that the acts are not antithesis to the Constitution of India, 1949.

Welfare associations are more free than Service Associations. Freedom is always a better option than having rights are privileges, because they always come with conditions.

Scope of service association is restricted in terms of area of operation, activities it can carry out, restriction on the type of members (only serving individuals can join, etc).

Considering all the facts, pros and cons, it was decided to form LEADERS as a Welfare Association.

Q.5. I am already a member of Service Association (like AARCO, BARCOA, AEEA, NFAEE, etc.), can I still join LEADERS?

Ans. Yes. An individual can join only one service association at a time, but can join as many Welfare Association as he decides to, provided that it is not affecting adversely his official duties.

Q.6. Please state whether Government servants are barred to join associations, as its member, as per Section 6 of Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964.

Ans. The Section 6 of the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 says that: Government servant shall not join or continue to be a member of, an association the objects or activities of which are prejudicial to the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, or public order or morality.

Accordingly, there is no bar on joining of Government Servants to the associations working as per the Constitution of India.

Q.7. Whether advance permission of the employer is required to join LEADERS as its member?

Ans. No. No permission is required to join welfare associations formed by employees for employees.

Invitation for Membership of LEADERS

Enrolment to LEADERS as its member is now open.

All the serving staff of DAE are invited to join as a member of welfare association for Leading and Encouraging Atomic Department Employees to a Responsive Society (LEADERS).

All the Ex-Staff of DAE are also invited to join LEADERS as its member.

Membership Form: leaders-member-form [PDF] – please take printout, fill all the fields, sign-it and send it to the General Secretary along with the payment towards subscription (Subscription Details) and admission fee.

Recreation & Welfare Societies

1. DAE Sports & Cultural Council (DAESCC), Mumbai

2. Nuclear Employees Social & Cultutal Organisation (NESCO), Kalpakkam

3. DAE Employees Recreational Club (DAEERC), Visakhapatnam (

4. Library & Information Science Promotion Society (LISPS), Kalpakkam (

5. Atomic Energy Pensioners Welfare Forum (Registration No.: GBBSD/1302/15, Mumbai; Website: http://www.aepwf.byethost9.comContacts:,



Group A Staff Rs.1000/-
Group B Staff Rs.500/-
Ex-Staff Rs.500/-
Group C Staff Rs.400/-

The annual subscription for membership of the Association, at the time of its formation  (i.e. March 2018), shall be

Rs.900/- (Rupees Nine Hundred Only) for Group A Staff

Rs.400/- (Rupees Four Hundred Only) for Group B Staff and Ex-Staff

Rs.300/- (Rupees Three Hundred Only) for Group C Staff

The annual subscription will be deemed to be due on 1st April every year.

The admission fee shall be Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty Only)

The annual subscription shall increase by Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty Only) on 1st April every year.

Leaders Member Form [PDF]

The following table shall serve for the calculation of Subscription Amount for individuals applying for membership between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021.

Month Joining Group A Staff
Group B Staff & Ex-Staff
Group C Staff
March & April, 2020 1000 + 50 500 + 50 400 + 50
May, 2020 925 + 50 470 + 50 375 + 50
June, 2020 850 + 50 440 + 50 350 + 50
July, 2020 775 + 50 410 + 50 325 + 50
August, 2020 700 + 50 380 + 50 300 + 50
September, 2020 625 + 50 350 + 50 275 + 50
October, 2020 550 + 50 320 + 50 250 + 50
November, 2020 475 + 50 290 + 50 225 + 50
December, 2020 400 + 50 260 + 50 200 + 50
January, 2021 325 + 50 230 + 50 175 + 50
February, 2021 250 + 50 200 + 50 150 + 50

Note: Payment towards subscription and renewal can now be made online using the this payment link.

Convenience Fee (2% + Rs.3.00) or as applicable from time to time will be charged in addition. This amount is charged by Instamojo (online payment collection service provider), and LEADERS has no control over it.

Direct deposit to LEADERS Bank Account is preferred.

Service Associations

The following are the recognised service Associations/Unions of DAE, recognised under the CCS (Recognition of Service Associations) Rules, 1993:

1. DAE Secretariat Employees Association
2. All India Atomic Energy (DPS) Staff Association
3. DPS (DAE) Employees’ Association
4. DCS-C&SG Staff Association
5. Atomic Energy Workers & Staff Union, Mumbai
6. BARC Employees’ Association (Tarapur)
7. CAT Staff Association
8. HWB Employees’ Association
9. Bhari Pani Kamdar Sangh (Baroda)
10. Heavy Water Project (M) Employees’ Association (Manuguru)
11. Heavy Water Plant Employees’ Union (Tuticorin)
12. Atomic Energy Employees’ Union (IGCAR)
13. GSO Employees’ Association
14. VECC Staff Association
15. NFC Supervisory Staff Association
16. Atomic Energy Employees’ Association (RMP)
17. Atomic Minerals Division Employees’ Union
18. BARC Facilities Kalpakkam Employees’ Association
19. Heavy Water Plant (M) Scientific Assistants & Supervisory Association (Manuguru)
20. BARC Officers’ Association (Tarapur)
21. Atomic Centralised Administrative Cadre Officers Association
22. Atomic Energy Accounts Cadre Officers’ Association
23. CAT Group A & B Non-gazetted Officers’ Association
24. CAT Scientific Officers’ Association
25. AMD Scientific Officers’ Association
26 Heavy Water Project Employees Union (Talcher)
27. Rajasthan Anushakti Karmachari Union
28. Association of Atomic Research Centre Officers (AARCO), Kalpakkam