Service Associations

The following are the recognised service Associations/Unions of DAE, recognised under the CCS (Recognition of Service Associations) Rules, 1993:

1. DAE Secretariat Employees Association
2. All India Atomic Energy (DPS) Staff Association
3. DPS (DAE) Employees’ Association
4. DCS-C&SG Staff Association
5. Atomic Energy Workers & Staff Union, Mumbai
6. BARC Employees’ Association (Tarapur)
7. CAT Staff Association
8. HWB Employees’ Association
9. Bhari Pani Kamdar Sangh (Baroda)
10. Heavy Water Project (M) Employees’ Association (Manuguru)
11. Heavy Water Plant Employees’ Union (Tuticorin)
12. Atomic Energy Employees’ Union (IGCAR)
13. GSO Employees’ Association
14. VECC Staff Association
15. NFC Supervisory Staff Association
16. Atomic Energy Employees’ Association (RMP)
17. Atomic Minerals Division Employees’ Union
18. BARC Facilities Kalpakkam Employees’ Association
19. Heavy Water Plant (M) Scientific Assistants & Supervisory Association (Manuguru)
20. BARC Officers’ Association (Tarapur)
21. Atomic Centralised Administrative Cadre Officers Association
22. Atomic Energy Accounts Cadre Officers’ Association
23. CAT Group A & B Non-gazetted Officers’ Association
24. CAT Scientific Officers’ Association
25. AMD Scientific Officers’ Association
26 Heavy Water Project Employees Union (Talcher)
27. Rajasthan Anushakti Karmachari Union
28. Association of Atomic Research Centre Officers (AARCO), Kalpakkam

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