LEADERS Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Visakhapatnam (LCHSLV)

LEADERS Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Visakhapatnam (LCHSLV) is an effort towards providing housing solutions to its members on no profit no loss basis.

LCHSLV is a result of the collaborative efforts of the LEADERS and Staff of BARC, Visakhapatnam. Its members are individuals working in various units of DAE and stationed in different parts of the country. To start with, it is decided to extend the services in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. In future, the services will be extended in other states also.

The Society is to be registered under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002.

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LEADERS Bus Service – Minutes of Meeting held on 30.01.2019

A meeting was held with the interested individuals to discuss about the proposed bus service. The following points were discussed and explained:

  1. The proposed bus service will be operated by Executive Committee, LEADERS. Leading and Encouraging Atomic Department Employees to a Responsive Society (LEADERS) is a welfare association duly registered under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001.
  2. The bus service shall be operated only for the members of LEADERS for commutation between office and residence.
  3. Bus service shall be operated in co-operative manner with no-profit / no-loss basis.
  4. Vehicles shall be purchased in the name of the Society. The following means shall be adopted for generation of necessary funds:
    1. Share deposit from each member at the time of joining bus service. This amount is fixed to Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only).
    2. Inviting fixed deposits (Term Deposits) from member of LEADERS for Three / Five Year Term.
    3. Vehicle LOAN from any scheduled bank.
  5. The repayment of principal and interest on fixed deposits, share deposits and dividend thereof, and EMIs shall be made from the monthly subscription collected from the subscribers.
  6. Liability of Subscribers:
    1. Liability of  subscribers / users is a limited liability and limited to a maximum of the share deposit i.e. Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only).
  7. Benefit to the subscribers:
    1. New A/C Bus service to and fro from office.
  8. Applications invited: – Interested individuals can apply for the service on or before 04 February 2019 15:00 Hrs (Monday) to decide about the vehicle and fixing the monthly subscription. The following documents, duly filled and signed shall be submitted
    1. LEADERS Membership Application Form – in case you are not a member of LEADERS. [leaders-member-form]
    2. Bus Service Application Form (which includes – agreement to terms and conditions and declaration form) – [application-form-bus-service]
    3. Account Payee Cheque for Share Deposit
    4. Account Payee Cheque for One (1) Month Advance Subscription
    5. ECS Mandate Form -[application-form-bus-service-ecs-mandate]
    6. Cancelled cheque along with ECS Mandate form for verification of account details.
  9. Available Vehicle Options:
    1. Force Motors – Traveller 26
      1. Monthly Subscription – Rs.4,250/- (Rupees Four Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Only)
    2. Tata Motors – Starbus 24 Ex AC
      1. Monthly Subscription – Rs.4,500/- (Rupees Four Thousand Five Hundred Only)
    3. Ashok Leyland – MiTR
      1. Monthly Subscription – Rs. 4,700/- (Rupees Four Thousand Seven Hundred Only)
    4. The above noted costs are for travel between Sheela Nagar and Mekarasi Township. For other distances, subject to minimum availability of 5 passengers, the following rates will apply.
      1. For distances beyond Sheela Nagar and before Madhavadhara, Rs.250/- (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty Only) extra will be charged.
      2. For distances beyond Madhavadhara and before RTC Complex, Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) extra will be charged.
  10. Detailed calculation sheet is can be downloaded for ready reference.