Code of Ethics

The Member is expected to follow the code of ethics as given in following sub-clauses. Any lapse(s) shall be considered conduct prejudicial to the interest or objectives of the Association.

The members shall be guided by the highest standards of integrity in all their professional dealings.

The members shall uphold at all time the dignity of the profession and reputation of the Association.

The members shall avoid sensationalism, misleading claims and statements.

  1. If a member considers another member guilty of unethical practice, he shall present the information to the Executive Committee for action. He shall endeavour, under all circumstances, avoid injuring the reputation of any member directly or indirectly.
  2. The member shall not represent the Association or execute any work on behalf of the Association without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  3. The member shall not indulge in any occupation which is contrary to law or public welfare.

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