Executive Committee, in its meeting held on 26.03.2018, framed the guidelines for Establishing Chapters in different parts of the country. The guidelines are as follows:

1. For furtherance of the Association, the Executive Committee may in response to request addressed to the Association, approve establishment of chapters to serve specified geographical area / specified member. Such request shall be signed by at least 30 members (10 in case of members belonging to Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Category) of the Association, who are residing within the geographical limits proposed for the chapter. A chapter may be formed where the number of members enrolled exceeds 50 (20 in case of Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Category).

2. Each chapter shall have a charter which shall contain the name, location, geographical areas covered and date upon which the chapter was granted and shall bear the name and signature of the President and the General Secretary of the Association.

3. Each chapter shall conduct its affairs in accordance with these presents,  bye-laws of the Association and rules and regulations framed from time to time.

4. The activities of the Chapter shall be governed by Chapter Committee elected once in three (3) years. The Chapter Committee shall comprise of the following:

4.a. Convener – 1 No.

4.b. Co-Convener – 2 Nos.

4.c. Treasurer – 1 No.

5.  The following shall be the duties and responsibilities of the Chapter Committee:

5.a. Convener – He shall be responsible for all correspondence for and on behalf of the Chapter. He shall be responsible for conducting meetings of the Chapter and Chapter Committee periodically. He shall chair all the meetings of the Chapter and Chapter Committee. He shall be responsible for liaising between the members of the Chapter and the Executive Committee. This in no bar debars the Chapter Members from establishing direct communication with the Executive Members.

5.b. Co-convener – He shall be assisting Convener in carrying out his responsibilities.

5.c. Treasurer – He shall be responsible for the maintenance of funds of the Chapter. He shall be responsible for submitting annual income and expenditure reports to the Executive Committee.

6. The Chapter Committee shall be reporting to the Executive Committee through General Secretary.

7. The Association shall provide financial assistance for maintenance of Chapters. This aid shall consist of 60% of its annual subscription received from members covered by the Chapter.

8. The Chapters are authorised to raise funds for specific purposes with the prior concurrence of the Executive Committee. However, surplus funds so collected shall be shared with the Headquarters to a maximum of 50% each.

9. The association being a non-profit organisation the funds of the Chapters shall be utilised in the most economic manner strictly for the promotion of the Association’s activities in line with the objectives of the Association.

10. The Executive Committee, may on approval from General Body, close a chapter after giving it a notice of three (3) months and considering any explanation the Association or the Chapter may tender for:

10.a. Failure of the Chapter to maintain at least minimum number of members, as specified in Para 1 above,  of good standing.

10.b. Failure of the Chapter to hold at least two (2) meetings each year; and

10.c. Any activity declared by the Executive Committee to be detrimental to the interest of the association.

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